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Written by Chris Tiegreen   
Friday, 04 September 2009 00:00

Earlier this week, one of my big projects was turning a pastor's spoken sermon into a written article. One of the major themes of the sermon was God's trustworthiness in keeping His promises. The next morning, a friend emailed me an article abut the importance of contending for God's promises. Ten minutes after that email, a fellow editor handed me a newly printed issue of her September magazine. The title on the cover? "Promises." And the trend continued for the next couple of days in my daily devotional readings and "verse of the day" entries on iGoogle. God was hitting on something: Trust His Promises.

What do you do when a certain theme converges in your life like that? Some people chalk it up to "coincidence." Makes me wonder what God has to do to actually get through to them. It's true that some people go overboard and see every hint of a whisper as a bright neon message from God, but I find that more Christians are much too reluctant to recognize repeated themes in their life as God-messages. I believe God is almost always speaking—Jesus is "the Word," after all—and I suspect that many of His messages fall on deaf ears. For both the Messenger and the receiver, that's sad.

Notice the converging themes in your life, whether during long seasons or even for just a day. Don't let God's messages fall to the ground. If you suspect He's sending you a message, it's okay to ask Him to confirm it. He loves to speak, and He loves for us to listen.



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